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Product Description

Place of Production: Japan

Selling points:

  1. Very effective in the removal and combat against excess oils and dirt from the hair and removes the itchiness in the scalp
  2. pH balanced shampoo adequately moisturizes and revitalizes the hair, leaving it smooth and refreshing for one
  3. Provides good oil control for one which eliminates the oily look that portends unhealthiness
  4. Very pleasant smell which leaves one feeling very relaxed and refreshed upon usage
  5. Suitable for all hair types and suitable for sensitive scalp too

Something you should also know:

  1. Acidic Shampoo is very effective in combating the excess dirty oils and impurities left in our hair. The best pH level for pH balancing shampoo is between 5 and 7
  2. Typical cleansing shampoo will tend to dry out the hair but KANEBO LISSAGE VOGNE ACIDIC SHAMPOO will not
  3. Suitable for everyday use and is not a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner; it is purely a shampoo
  4. How long can this last (daily usage): 5 to 7 months
  5. Because it can be tedious in packing and delivering shampoos, there will be a $6 additional charge for postal deliveries. More information can be found under the Delivery Tab.

The Ingredients:

Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, PPG-9, Dimethiconol, Polyethylene glycol monostearate, (Aminoethyl Aminopropyl methylate/ Dimethicone) Copolymers, Polyoxyethylene lauryl ether, Paraben, Cetyl palmitate, Tocopherol, Citric acid, Phosphoric acid, parfum

What TPJ got to say:  Recommended for people who wish to remove the excess oils in the hair. Also suitable for those who experience itchiness in the scalp while at the same time, leaving the hair adequately moisturized. Investment in a good shampoo goes a long way. KANEBO LISSAGE VOGNE ACIDIC SHAMPOO 800ML (pH 5.5)


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  1. 4 out of 5


    “Tried the Kanebo (WHAT A NAME…KAN NE BO..) shampoo sample kindly provided by JHong.

    Thanks for the neatly packed sample with nice labeled info about the shampoo.

    – Creamy, nice smell
    – Doesn’t dry up the hair like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo etc. (very very important)
    – Leaves the hair soft, smooth & smelling good. SHIOK
    – Will prolly be getting a bottle once stocks are in”

    First posted by and credits to “netzach” on 25th July 2013
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  2. 4 out of 5


    “Kanebo specialised in female cosmetics. haha

    To add one, my scalp doesn’t itch that much after washing.
    The smell stays on till morning.
    Quite cream and kinda foamy as well.

    Will get a bottle also.. haha. but i won’t use it everyday. probably fortnightly. haha”

    First posted by and credits to “gaoxing84” on 25th July 2013
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  3. 4 out of 5


    “Been using the Kanebo for a few days, the smell is nice and hair seems less oily…overall quite worth it…got a small clay sample from jun hong together with the shampoo”

    First posted by and credits to “stam” on 9th August 2013
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  4. 4 out of 5


    “Dont mind my 2 cent on kanebo shampoo. its part of my rotation kit for my hair care.

    giovionni thriple tree treat as my morning wash as its really minty and keep the scale super cooling

    redkan cleansing foam as my once in three day shampoo of the choice for night wash, literally clean the **** out of ones hair, but its also so potent that it dry out your hair super fast. soak your hair in it for 10mins and your hair will be literally free of hair product.

    kanebo, use it nightly as i really dig the shea butter smell, after waahing it just make me feel really relax just by smelling it. the least drying of all 3 shampoo, best smelling of them all and cleansing effect i will rate it on par with the Giovanni but lose out to the redken.

    lastly, as my hair are bleaches, plus i uses 5 products in my daily styling, namely redken root spray, sea salt, quicksand for volumising purpose, nigelle wax for styling and powerpoint spray for setting it in place, my hair are quite screwed up, but the nigelle hair mask keep to be able to keep my hair healthy…”

    First posted by and credits to “theclubmed” on 9th August 2013
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  5. 4 out of 5


    Basically its good because the scalp doesnt itch, texture of the hair feels better after washing, smells good and stays on the hair for a good period of time

  6. 4 out of 5


    “hmm. been using the Kanebo for quite a few days & Corium to wash/clean the scalp.
    Can really see the difference whenever I use Kanebo.
    Hair somewhat looks thicker & shinny.
    The Kanebo glow effect for the hair is MAGICAL.

    Voi hairspray – this is no joke. if you want the messy not so ‘stiff’ look, this is the hairspray to go for.

    Eco seasalt spray (the RED bottle seasalt spray)

    – Not as sticky, stiff as the OS sss
    – Nozzle is perfect, again spraying over a wider portion of the hair. the nozzle is much better than the OS sss
    – Light ‘chick’ scent to it
    – Volume is there, but if you’re looking to do your comb backs, quiffs, etc, you might need a couple more pumps.
    – for the messy, outta bed look, this **** here is perfect

    f**king shiok.”

    First posted by and credits to “netzach” on 15th September 2013
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  7. 4 out of 5


    “Just want to thanks leejhong for the meet up and the great product from TPJ.

    The Kanebo shampoo sample I just used. IT IS SIMPLY SMELL GOOD!

    Normally my shampoo will cause my hair very dry due to bleached hair before. So I always use a lot of conditioner to make it smoother to comb later.

    However this shampoo do not need me to use the conditioner at all and leave a silly soft feel!

    Bro. Count me in for the next batch of the shampoo la. Hahaha”

    First posted by and credits to “whatme” on 17th September 2013
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  8. 4 out of 5


    “Some feedback for anybody eyeing the Kanebo Shampoo, OS Sea Spray, and Nigelle Bold Clay. I’ve used the mentioned products for about a week so far!

    Kanebo shampoo – Excellent! The smell is luxurious and it really left my hair feeling softer. Pretty efficient at washing off my hair wax/clay/pomade at the end of the day. Does not leave any weird tacky feeling on the hair (unlike Phyto Shampoo ). And the smell…. the smell!!!! Crazy good!

    OS Sea Spray – Never heard of such a hair product till JH introduced it to me. Was initially sceptical about how the hold/volume aspect would benefit me, but JH assured me it would work for my hair type (thick, frizzy, and a little bit curly). I used it in conjunction with a hair dryer and was crazy impressed with the shaping capability of the sea spray. It made applying wax/clay after a lot less random, because the base structure of the hair was more or less set! Smells pleasant as well

    Nigelle Bold Clay – You can tell this is a really high quality clay when you’re applying it. I’ve gone through quite a few hair waxes/clays and none applied the way this clay did. A creamy texture with a light scent to it. Dries totally Matte; no joke! The hold on its own probably a 6/10 in terms of strength, but after adding in the OS sea spray to the routine, the hold becomes more like a 8/10. Special highlight for me would be the product allows hair to still be fairly pliable (especially if you add a bit of water again during the day and adjust). Washes out really easily =)

    I usually add a bit of water to help in shaping the Nigelle clay. Unfortunately, I find it can get a bit “crispy” upon drying =/ Not sure if it’s due to the addition of the Sea salt spray, or maybe my technique isn’t right? I’ll try it a few more times.

    Looking for that ideal wax/clay that has a matte or even semi matte texture and doesn’t dry crispy, along with a strong hold. Must wash out easily too! The search goes on!

    Also, gotta give props to JH for his quality service and sincerity. You can tell he really cares about the products he’s selling and who he is selling it to. Not to mention the fact that he is willing to take the time to answer all kinds of questions and share knowledge is outstanding!

    Thanks JH! 2 Thumbs up for you =)”

    First posted by and credits to “decafie” on 18th September 2013
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  9. 4 out of 5


    “Going to do a quick review of Kanebo shampoo and the nigelle clay by end of this week.

    BTW, my family very very supportive of the Kanebo shampoo…in fact they used it before me after I brought it home

    say the smell very good and the hair feels damn smooth ”

    First posted by and credits to “deadbeat” on 21th September 2013
    Reference Link:

  10. 4 out of 5


    “overdue review on jh bro products, even though many others have said it before but just to share my user experiences ^^

    1) kanebo shampoo -> when massaging in your hair, can feel an obvious difference from those over the counter shampoos. 1st, you can feel your hair moisture retaining or if not being moisturized as compared to other shampoos that i always experience dryness and roughness when shampooing. On top of that, it has a nice mild smell.

    2) SSS + GD -> nothing else to say as the results speak for itself. Sufficient volume created and lasting hold even without the use of hairspray (lasted the whole day even after cardio on the threadmill machine – of course a few strand fall out of place but still pleasantly surprised @ the holding power ^_^)

    Overall, satisfied with the purchase and prices are affordable. Not to mention the friendly and good service.”

    First posted by and credits to “alcoholfree” on 6th November 2013
    Reference Link:

  11. 4 out of 5


    “After an extensive & totally non scientific range of testing with all kinds of quality & crappy shampoo, I can totally declare unsurprisingly that it plays a big part in determining how your hair looks after it is styled.

    In short: don’t skimp on shampoo, get kanebo/pote.”

    First posted by and credits to “deadbeat” on 6th November 2013
    Reference Link:

  12. 4 out of 5


    “My girlfriend also did say the shampoo is great. Thanks JH.”

    First posted by and credits to “x3dnd3x” on 10th November 2013
    Reference Link:

  13. 4 out of 5


    “Kanebo shampoo is good!!! For Pantene, I need to use the conditioner as well to wash off the wax completely but with Kanebo, just the shampoo is enough”

    First posted by and credits to “WhiteFox” on 14th November 2013
    Reference Link:

  14. 5 out of 5


    okay i am late for my review.. lol sorry junhong! promised u a review but due to working night shift, i can only do it today..

    first time i got in touch with Kanebo shampoo was a sample given by junhong when i bought the PP spray from him. (i must praise him for the excellent packaging).

    On the first use, i can actually feel that my hair is really bring cleanse thoroughly and not to mention the nice smell. One wash is enough to remove all the hair styling products and leaves the hair feeling super clean from inside. Totally memerize with it so order a bottle =)

    next up was the PP spray. This is the kind of hair spray i have been searching high and low for! thank goodness i can buy it here from now has a strong hold but definitely will not make your hair look heavy and comes with a slight smell. Totally am gonna stock up another bottle together with another bottle of SSS too!

    Thanks to Junhong and TPJ for making me proud of my hair again!

  15. 5 out of 5


    Great smelling shampoo with the right amount of ‘strength’ to get the grime away! What can I say when you start using it, you will be looking forward to using it when you shower!

  16. 4 out of 5


    “I have just received the Kanebo Lissage Vogne Shampoo from LHJ and it was fugging amazing . I tried many shampoo brands like Macadamia,Alterna and Wella. However, Kanebo Lissage Vogne Shampoo gave me the best results. My hair is silky after wash and stay moist for the whole day. The complimentary sample Kanebo Conditioner that LHJ sent me works extremely well too. Definitely will buy it again in a heartbeat.”

    First posted by and credits to “InYourFacer” on 23rd November 2013
    Reference Link:

  17. 4 out of 5


    “I’ve recently bought the Kanebo Shampoo and Conditioner from JH and i fell in love with it. I let my mom and aunt tried it and they liked it too. I have generally sensitive skin which makes buying a shampoo a pain in the ass. The Kanebo shampoo however is really gentle on the skin and is perfect for daily usage as it doesn’t dry out your hair that much thus leaving it soft and silky. Not to mention the smell of it is so relaxing too! In comparison with most boutique brand shampoos out there, i find this much better in terms of quality and cost.

    I also tried out his NIGELLE DS TF treatment and it really works wonders. I’ve rebonded, dyed and permed my hair over the past few years and my hair started having split ends and was really frizzy. I couldn’t stand it until i read through the hair thread and saw what JH was selling. Gave it a try and didn’t regret it, my hair is much better than before already.

    Had never been this satisfied with buying hair products ”

    First posted by and credits to “Tl.dr.” on 27th November 2013. [Post #198]

  18. 5 out of 5


    Great shampoo with an AWESOME scent to go with it. The shampoo moisturizes hair even without the use of conditioner leaving it smooth and silky. However it is best paired with the Kanebo conditioner which moisturizes the hair even more. You will not regret buying it!

    On a side note, the customer service provided by JH was impeccable, I was in touch with him practically every step of the way! Thumbs up for that!

  19. 4 out of 5


    “okay jh bro dont say i not good. stay up late to write you a review of kanebo shampoo!

    kanebo shampoo is as what this threads members have been praising. if you had bought jh or gx bros items before you should have gotten the kanebo shampoo samples. try it!

    just using the shampoo itself cleanses your hair pretty thoroughly, though still leaving the essential oils intact and thus making your hair soft, unlike other off the shelf brands that do wash very thoroughly but prolonged use of those shampoos will damage your hair and scalp.

    I use the conditioner on alternate days and it really does make your hair really soft though if you’re going to wash it off on the floor while bathing be careful as its gonna be damn slippery but also shows how moistening the conditioner is.

    comes in 800ml bottles and should last a pretty long time! bang for buck! both shampoo and conditioner has the shea butter smell, and if you’re into that, you in for a treat!”

    First posted by and credits to “OpticalBoy” on 11th December 2013. [Post #728]

  20. 4 out of 5


    “finally got time to review the legendary Kanebo shampoo liao…

    i got damn oily scalp so i tend to shampoo my hair twice per day. So, after seeing some advice of washing once per day, i tried this method which i shampoo at night before i slp.

    after waking up, omg my hair is like so oily and shiny. seeing so many reviews of this Kanebo shampoo, decided to try it.

    the smell is so nice and most importantly, cleanse my hair and scalp well. i think it helps to moisturize my hair as well. i am still shampoo-ing once per day but when morning wake up, no longer see oily and shiny hair in the mirror.

    no joke, damn good shampoo

    loving it!!!”

    First posted by and credits to “iV3RsOn” on 12th December 2013. [Post #747]

  21. 4 out of 5


    “Gna write a review of Kanebo shampoo, conditioner, the nigelle TF treatment and OS SSS!

    Kanebo shampoo, first of all, is the best shampoo I have used ever. It moisturises extremely and does not leave your hair feeling dry or frizzy at all! It leaves quite a heavy, somewhat creamy feeling in your hair after washing it out. It is heavy probably due to its moisturising properties and it does work wonders. However, it doesn’t leave my hair that silky and smooth as it makes the hair quite heavy but it is still the silkiest and smoothest hair I got from ANY shampoo. It is my high expectations due to the countless rave reviews of it in this thread that has gotten my hopes sky high and I’m happy to say kanebo has very much almost reached it.

    Kanebo conditioner, I did not buy from JH but got it as a sample as i bought the nigelle TF treatment and he suggested that it was not needed when I’m already gna use the nigelle (No hard selling from JH, very good) The kanebo conditioner was what complements the shampoo perfectly. Remember i said the shampoo does not leave the hair feeling silky and smooth but heavy from the moisturising it did? Well, the conditioner does just that and the hair is extremely silky and smooth! The sample I got lasted my 4 washes hehe I’m so cheapskate I actually used a little less conditioner so it can last me longer but that also shows just how good i think the conditioner is.

    The smell of the kanebo range however, is left a little more to be desired. From the rave reviews about its smell, I kind of expected more. The smell is no doubt awesome however, when rubbed against your palms to lather the shampoo and then smelling it, it had a slight acidic tinge to it but overall the shea butter smell was still much stronger and it was awesome. The smell isn’t the problem – it is awesome. The problem is that it isn’t very strong smelling so after shampooing and stepping out of the shower i can’t smell it anymore. Perhaps it is a good thing but i think the smell should last longer.

    The Nigelle TF treatment, was alright. Its smelt is a little chemical and it doesn’t stay (like the kanebo, imo, but my nose isn’t that strong to start of with) The nigelle does its job very well in repairing my hair and it acts kinda like a conditioner? It makes my hair very much less frizzy and silkier and smoother. Very good in that sense but nothing really special. I think the kanebo conditioner could have done that job as well and it has a more pleasant smell than the nigelle. Again, the smell isn’t that big of a factor as it isn’t really that strong so do not make it a buy or don’t buy criteria.

    The OS SSS is a pretty good product. It’s bottle has a lock or stop the spray as well which is neat I find so you can use it for travelling and such. It already has a pretty strong hold so you can kinda make the shape of your hairstyle while blowdrying with the SSS. The smell is nice but negligible since the wax or clay or what smell will overpower it. It makes the hair pretty matte so it looks beachy and there isn’t any salt residue left which is good. This is the first SSS I’ve used so i can’t make much comparison but overall it is a good product once again.

    Overall, all the products I’ve got achieved its objectives amply but I think the kanebo range stands out and if you are wanting to buy it please get both the shampoo and conditioner together as it complements it absolutely perfectly. Really regretted not getting the conditioner after using the sample.

    Just my 2 cents worth! ”

    First posted by and credits to “prozaizxc” on 16th December 2013. [Post #940]

  22. 4 out of 5


    “Few weeks back, I purchased the famous KANEBOOOOO shampoo and PP hairspray from yandao JH. Good service as usual for he provided frequent updates with regards to location & ETA to meetup point and he also gave a cutsey bag to store my purchases due to xmas looming ahead.
    Decided to try out the products for a period of time before giving my take on them.

    Kanebo Lissage Vogne Acidic Shampoo 800ml (pH 5.5)
    First and foremost, THE SMELL.
    Well, many people here have been raaaving about its heavenly scent and before I even started to use it, I decided to open the top cap to take a whiff…

    quite song man… is all i can say

    The wash was frothy and thick (oolala….), don’t have to pump too much per wash too and it definitely cleanses effectively. In the past, I have had problems with my Heads & Shoulders (Blue one) for getting GD out thoroughly but not anymore with this shampoo! Given the fact that it cleanses so well, hair still remains soft and smooth after the wash instead of being too “dry”.
    I got my fussy sister to try out Kanebo to test its “next day oily scalp thingy” and she said that its was not bad!

    Due to its slightly higher price tag, my overall verdict for this is to get it if your wallet permits and you definitely won’t regret once you have purchased it!

    Feeling Power Point Finishing Spray 400ML
    Due to GX bro’s recommendation to finish off the quiff hairstyle with PP, I decided to hoot this for my OSIS was just too “heavy” for my hairstyle and hence I usually go spray-less, resulting in me having to rake my hair occasionally when the quiff slightly falls.
    WITH THIS SPRAY, I can say that raking has decreased by about 90%
    The best part of this spray is that it holds so well and yet you are still able to rake/touchup your hair freely without the much feared “white specks” appearing on your hair!

    With its affordable price tag in a huge canister, its a MUST BUY if you are facing quiff holding problems like me.

    Requested EBL Head Clay & ECO SSS as samples from bro JH and he gladly gave me some to try out! Though I must say that the sample quantities look meagre at start, looks can be deceiving for the amounts provided can actually be used for quite a few times! (5 or more depending on indi usage)

    If you feel that the OS SSS is too “dry” for your liking but you cannot live without a SSS, then the ECO is a must get. Smell wise, I will give OS SSS the vote for I prefer its scent over ECO SSS. Hold wise, it doesn’t fare much worse as compared to OS SSS and I will say that its acceptable.

    If you face problems like GD yanking out too much of your hair while styling, you should totally give EBL Head Colour Clay a try. Though its texture is harder as compared to GD, it is actually easier to apply and less harsh on hair yanking.
    Smell wise, it reminded me of gatsby (correct me if im wrong), but its nothing like it .
    Hold wise, EBL does a good job but I will give the verdict to GD for I still prefer its finish as compared to EBL.
    I can’t tell if its easy to wash off or not, for my kanebo vanquishes all products on my hair but it actually rinses out well with water so I guess it shouldn’t be a problem ”

    First posted by and credits to “TheMediator” on 3rd Janurary 2014. [Post #1575]

  23. 4 out of 5


    “just a simple review on what i feel on the products bought from ljh bro, first got to commend that every time i buy, products are well packed and always come with a custom bag haha.

    -os sea salt spray
    nice pleasant smell
    not too sticky
    mostly used with towel dried hair, but trying with completely dry hair is not too bad either, brings some life and volume by tousling on flat hair, and shape managed to stay either.

    -powerpoint spray
    strong hold with some shine
    took few trys to get use with it, do not spray to much at once at once and do it far away, otherwise it will clump up and get too heavy. Nowdays if im too lazy to use any styling product, will just do sss>blow dry>spray & im good to go.

    -kanebo shampoo
    feels moisturized instantly after 1 wash,hair feels lighter and softer
    smell is awesome, last damn long even can smell my hair the next day”

    First posted by and credits to “xia0zhang” on 6th Janurary 2014. [Post #1629]

  24. 4 out of 5


    “Ordered from bro JH and got all items delivered to me yesterday

    All nicely packed in bubble wrap and in good condition

    Only tried the Kanebo shampoo. Smell so nice, i bet my hair now smell nicer than my gf. So far satisfied with it. After washing my hair and blow dry. Still feel very soft and manageable, eventho my hair is wavy also wont look like dry hay(purposely didn’t use conditioner today just to test how good the shampoo is) .

    Will consider buying the kanebo conditioner as well after i tried it. JH was nice enough to give some free samples to try out.”

    First posted by and credits to “lty1098” on 12th January 2014 [Post #1790]

  25. 4 out of 5


    “Just a quick review of some of the products that I’ve received from bro leejh.

    VOI styling spray: First thing first, the product smells great. I personally spray a few more times just to get more of it to have a heavier scent. It has a firm hold, and it’s quite shiny if you do spam it like me. Overall, a very nice hair spray.

    Kanebo Shampoo: What can I say? It has been mentioned many times in this thread that it is the best quality shampoo at this price point that you could possibly get. It has a creamy, buttery smell that is quite lovely when you do apply it on your hair while showering. After washing off, my hair felt like it had locked in the nourishing benefits from the shampoo. In fact, I had bought 2 at one go after trying out the sample from bro leejh.

    EBL Clay: It has great hold and it is definitely easy to apply into the hair once you’ve rubbed your palms to generate some heat. However, some may prefer the smell of other waxes such as GD, that is not to say it smells bad, it’s just personal preference. Pliability of the hair is good too. I went to school in the morning, and all I had to do was slight adjustments in the late afternoon, and it’s all good. Definitely a good option if you’re looking at a more affordable choice as compared to GD.


    First posted by and credits to “Chronology” on 13th January 2014 [Post #1822]

  26. 4 out of 5


    “I received my kanebo shampoo today! every item was bubble wrapped nicely even for the samples, appreciate the effort to ensure the goods reaches in good condition. jh bro was very efficient as well, my item was packed before i even do the ibanking transfer and shipped upon same day of transfer.

    Tried the pote shampoo sample and the kanebo conditioner sample. i needed less then the usual amount i dispense normally and managed to clean the wax and hairspray off my hair in one wash. conditioner wise, initially during application and rinsing off i didnt thought it was that good as compared to the usual ones off supermarket. however when i blowdry my hair i notice that it was really smooth furthermore not sacrificing on volume.

    Thanks jh for the samples! will consider getting those after my kanebo shampoo, im han btw ”

    First posted by and credits to “tanhangkiang” on 13th January 2014 [Post #1827]

  27. 4 out of 5


    “Back to the topic of leejhong’s kanebo, I couldn’t wait to finish my current shampoo so I opened it up and used it for the first time. One word: Amazing. I prefer this to Pote as Pote seems to weigh my hair down a little more. After rinsing off Pote, I feel like my hair has thinned a lot (due to the fact that my hair is very very straight, stubborn and lifeless to begin with and the weight it gives my hair makes it even more flat).

    However, with Kanebo, I don’t get that feeling when running my fingers through my hair while rinsing the lather off. It actually has the same feeling when I first wet my hair after a long day (very smooth from the oil buildup) but this time, the smoothness is from the moisturizing effect, but without the extra weight. Styling thereafter is much easier after the Kanebo than the Pote.

    Thumbs up for the Kanebo. Leejhong, you have just earned yourself a regular customer.”

    First posted by and credits to “strezzor” on 15th January 2014 [Post #1856]

  28. 4 out of 5


    “My brief comparison for the following 3 shampoos:

    Kanebo Lissage Vogne Acidic Shampoo
    Pote Natural Organic Shampoo
    Q8 Carbolic Silky Shampoo

    Smell before wash

    1) Kanebo – nice smell
    2) Pote – gentle nice smell
    3) Carbolic – very slight gentle smell

    Touch on scalp during wash

    1) Carbolic
    2) Kanebo
    3) Pote

    I personally find that Carbolic has a more gentle feel or touch on the scalp among the 3 shampoos.

    Smell after wash

    1) Kanebo – slightly stronger smell than Pote but not as strong as other shampoos that I have used before
    2) Pote – slight gentle smell
    3) Carbolic – no smell

    Hair texture after wash

    1) Pote – hair is slightly more moisturized than Kanebo
    2) Kanebo – hair is also moisturized
    3) Carbolic – dry”

    First posted by and credits to “xRenol” on 15th January 2014 [Post #1860]

  29. 4 out of 5


    “Bought Kanebo shampoo and PP spray from leejhong 2 weeks ago, guess I will write short reviews for them.

    Before reviewing the products, I have to praise bro leejhong for his service. He changed and arranged his timing to meet me. Really appreciated that.

    First is the Kanebo shampoo which I think most have known the quality. The most impressive part is how I can use 1 pump to wash the styling powder, Gold Digger and spray from my hair in 1 wash. I use Schwarzkopf taft powder for volume instead of sea salt spray and those who use styling powder will understand how hard it is to wash your hair, I usually need to wash twice. The first shampoo I use that can clean it in 1 wash is Kanebo My hair is also less oily the next day and becomes easier to style in the morning.

    Got the Kanebo conditioner sample and when used with the shampoo really makes my hair soft and refreshing. When he said the conditioner makes our hair soft he was not kidding, which is why I just ordered 1 bottle.

    Next is Power Point spray which is indeed lightweight and most important it is matte. Size is big too making it value for money.

    Another sample I got was 90 Degrees wax which is pretty unique. It doesn’t clamp the hair together and very dry yet has a strong hold. Smells a bit funky tho but at least the smell is not strong and when I step out I don’t smell it anymore. May consider it next time after I use it more as it is quite new to me.”

    First posted by and credits to “bangkibong” on 24th January 2014 [Post #2223]

  30. 4 out of 5


    “Bought and used some products from the smart ass Google programmer. Lols. Here are my thoughts.

    Kanebo Shampoo is in her own league as compared to most shampoos in common department stores that uses fancy words to attract your attention. Makes your hair really soft and silky, a result of the good moisturising effect. Great smell and post shower feeling. Also, its very suitable for oily and sensitive scalp like mine as I’ve been using it daily without irritation. Lathers up well too so you won’t have to worry about pumping too much.

    90 degrees X-strong Wax. Matte finish look for people who want to have a ‘i have nothing on my hair’ look. Strong hold and extremely washable. Water alone can wash up to 80% of it off. Using any gentle shampoo would suffice since its so soluble. Smell is subjective. To me, if the smell is more pleasant, all the other wax stores can close shop. Use a nice smelling hair spray to overcome it or use your perfume/cologne to mask it, which ever floats your boat.

    OS Fashion Sea Salt Spray. Provides great lift to your hair. It can create the illusion of thick and full hair even if you have fine and soft hair that cant resist gravity. Great smell and the orange liquid looks like an appealing soft drink!

    Kanebo Conditioner is given as a free sample. Thanks btw. Beats my Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner by a mile. Been using Dove conditioner for 2 weeks and my frizzy hair is still there. Just 3 application of Kanebo conditoner and its fixed. No kidding. Its coming back since I used it up.

    Pote Natural Organic Shampoo Shampoo. Marginally better in terms of moisturising effect than Kanebo. Definitely more worth it than any shampoo in commercial stores. Even helped with my frizzy hair slightly. But I still prefer Kanebo as its from Japan whereas Pote is manufactured in China. Preference only.

    Carbolic Shampoo is good for deep cleansing your scalp. Charcoal removes any lingering hawker center smell if you’ve just dine there. Still acceptable for oily and sensitive scalps. Can’t determine about its effects if used daily since I only got a sample.

    Kudos to your entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe one day can win Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    Side note, the purple SilkPro Oil Control Shampoo is a real tonic for your dandruff. Makes them multiply like mad. Perhaps its my sensitive scalp. Try it if you want to confirm you can make snowflakes”

    First posted by and credits to “prokia” on 6th February 2014 [Post #2664]

  31. 4 out of 5


    “Would like to share my thoughts on Pote Shampoo VS Kanebo Shampoo.
    I bought both shampoo from our handsome JH kor kor!

    Was given sample to try of both. But too bad Pote took quite sometime to come in. So i went on the buy Kanebo first, and when Pote comes, i bought it again.

    Both are moisturizing shampoos
    Going to compare them head on.

    Kanebo – smells like shea butter (i think female will like it, but generally it’s quite pleasant)
    Pote – I love it, slightly more manly but some say smells like dishwasher. But who cares, me rikes can already.

    Texture of the shampoo liquid
    Kanebo – literally feels like melt smooth thick butter
    Pote – thick and white (hehe)

    Ease of lathering (used on hair that was on Gold digger the whole day, all kind of crap taken. Oil, sweat, dust and etc.)
    Kanebo – when i have longer and more hair, takes me 1.5 pumps to fully lather into foam. Now that i have shorter hair, 1 full pump allow me to lather fully.
    Pote – used it when i had longer hair as well, lather easily. Creates more foam than kanebo (unsure why, maybe pote suits me more?)

    Cleansing ability
    Both cleanses quite well. no issue and there’s no need for comparision.

    The feel after shampooing my hair
    Kanebo – did quite a good job, feels good, clean and buttery. Hair texture is softer after a long day. Generally quite a awesome shampoo. My hair doesn’t feel dry or too oily. Feels just right.
    Pote – this is where i feel pote wins kanebo hands down (IMO). My hair feels immediately softer and easier to manager. Running my hand thru my hands feels just right. I thought i had a transformation of ang moh hair after shampoo-ing.

    I will take Pote over kanebo. But it still boils down to which one you personally like better. You just have to try both to see which one suits you better.
    Searching for the perfect shampoo is the same as searching for the right girl. hehe”

    First posted by and credits to “gaoxing84” on 6th February 2014 [Post #2651]

  32. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using the Kanebo shampoo for about a month and I feel it’s time to give a review for it.

    I received it as a sample coupled with another product I bought at first. The Kanebo shampoo literally took my breath away when I smelt it. The strong yet not too overpowering smell of shea butter reminded me of goats milk body wash which I’ve always liked. In one word, therapeutic. I couldn’t help but immediately purchase a bottle.

    For more reasons than one, it is very moisturizing. It comes in a thick creamy form, and lathers up easily in the hair. Shampooing is no more a chore but enjoyment with with this shampoo, the therapeutic smell really helps take away the stress of a busy day. I can feel the shampoo reinvigorating not only my scalp and hair but my senses too. Many of a time I find myself spending more than a minute or two massaging the shampoo in my hair.

    Needless to say, Kanebo leaves my hair smelling great and moisturized after use. The smell may come across as a little overpowering to those who are sensitive to strong smells, but other than this there is no reason to deprive your hair of such an experience.

  33. 4 out of 5


    “JH bro

    sorry for posting this review late, was busy with exams

    kanebo shampoo n conditioner: the smell is very nice, able to moisturize the hair very well as compared to previous shampoos used. able to wash styling products on hair after a long day.

    sea salt spray able to provide volume to the hair along with the help of hairdryer, useful for people with flat hair without any volume. combination of vantachi clay and gold digger for styling of hair, the clay smells very nice and is able to combine well with gd as compared to quicksand + gd combo. finish off with ppspray and do not need to worry about hair falling off against strong winds, just need to use comb to adjust alittle.”

    First posted by and credits to “fyfyfy” on 6th April 2014 [Post #3615]

  34. 4 out of 5


    “Sorry for the late review JH.

    My quicksand was finishing so I wanted something that had better hold than that. Was recommended 90 degrees x-strong wax because I wanted a matt look and something that was easy to wash off.

    The product came securely + nicely wrapped with a giftbag as well as a sample of Pote Natural Organic Shampoo.

    First, about the 90 degrees x-strong wax, it gives off a very faint grass/herbal like smell the moment I unscrewed the cap. It was hard to touch, unlike quicksand which was easier to scrape up. Initially I thought it would require certain strength to evenly spread out the wax in my palms but I was wrong. It was surprisingly pretty easy. The application on the hair is also very effortless. My hair pretty much stayed the same throughout the day as I’m in the office most of the time. The washing off part is easy as well. It doesn’t have the stickiness of most hair wax that I used in the past. So I had an easy time washing off the 90 degrees x-strong wax. Kudos!

    As for the Pote Natural Organic Shampoo, it’s nice enough I suppose but I think I’m pretty much sold by Kanebo so I think it would be a biased review if I were to really give one. HAHAHA!

    Btw, do you actually remember which samples you handed out to your customers? I was pretty much excited when I received the Pote Natural Organic Shampoo cos I could compare it with Kanebo. Now that I have tried both, I’m sure Kanebo gets my vote.”

    First posted by and credits to “crunchytoast” on 8th April 2014 [Post #3686]

  35. 5 out of 5


    Firstly, Very efficient service from junhong! ordered this kanebo shampoo and got delivered the next day. Kudos for this! Tried this shampoo and realise that it gives a very refreshing feeling. Also keep hair mosturised and cleanse. Will buy from junhong in the future :)

  36. 5 out of 5


    Bought the second bottle from Junhong who’s service is still as excellent as my first purchase.

    Kanebo shampoo is simply one of the better shampoo I have ever tried. At 800ml, it lasted me about 4 months (about 1 to 1.5 pump per use for my hair length). For the price you pay, it is definitely worth it.

    My hair is more manageable, softer and easier to comb after using it. Comparing Kanebo with shampoo such as Pote and Q8 Carbolic, I would categorise Kanebo as a repair and nourishing shampoo. Q8 Carbolic feels more like a deep cleansing shampoo and Pote would be somewhere in between the two. In fact I am using both Kanebo and Pote interchangeably. No hard and fast rules but this is what I do. When I styled my hair with hair clay, I would use Pote to wash it off with a single pump (Kanebo would probably need more pump or a second wash). When I am using sea salt spray alone or not using any hair styling product, then I will use Kanebo. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken so I would go through 2 washes with Pote first then follow by Kanebo.
    And not to mentioned I am using Kanebo conditioner after shampooing.

    Well do give it a try if you are still hesitating and I am sure it will feel the difference as well.

    *Thanks Junhong for bringing such a good product!

  37. 5 out of 5


    - Cleanse hair products out pretty well.
    – Leaves a mild and pleasant scent that is not overpowering,
    – Scalp feels less dry.

    Overall, an excellent buy. Strongly recommended.

  38. 4 out of 5


    Helpful & a nice product for me , My hair was oily and itchy type , and i need to wash it twice a day, but now i just need to wash once a day, and it help to keep my hair clean and fresh …i use Kanebo with a hair scrub * the hair scrub is twice a week, and the effect come out is good..

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