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Have been purchasing from JunHong for the past 2 years and all I can say is awesome.

Lovely and consistent customer service from him and I have no complaints at all! He even took a step further by upgrading my regular mail to a next day delivery on Polling Day itself! Received my items (2 powerpoint sprays and a vantachi hairclay along with 2 lovely samples) on the next day (120915 Saturday). What more can I ask for?

Have been purchasing the powerpoint spray for the past 2 years.It dries up fast, doesn’t clump your hair together and makes restyling a breeze. By far the best hairspray I have used for the past 8 years 🙂

Tried Vantachi clay around 2 years ago as well and I have never looked back. All you need is a little squeeze and your hair volumes like magic. It is not sticky to the touch but once ruffled into your hair, it gives my hair instant volume. It is very easy to restyle my hair and of course once done, finish it with powerpoint hairspray. Did I mention that it smells like melon and washes off easily? I have been trying MANY different hair waxes, clay and mud (believe me I tried almost everything available other than pomades and gels since they don’t suit the style I was going for) and nothing fits me better than vantachi clay.

A little note: use it regularly and store it in a cool and dry area. I misplaced one of my vantachi clay behind the toilet bowl for like a month and it has a real funky smell.

My hair is very thin and soft, the nightmare of all asian males. My hair length is around 3 and a half inches long but these two products are all I need to get my hair on point for the rest of the day.Kudos to JunHong for his awesome products and service given to me for the past 2 years.From a hardcore supporter 🙂

Victor, Singapore

To start off, JunHong is a super duper friendly guy. To me… its more of the service than the product.. He didn’t mind me asking all the questions. (of cos I will have a lot since I’m a noob in hair products…) So kudos to the detailed explanations of the products. He even recommended what to use according my needs.

Next will of cos be the products! I’m currently using the “FEELING POWER POINT FINISHING SPRAY 400ML” & “OS FASHION SEA SPRAY 200ML” No complaints at all whatsoever about the product. Its good and its what I need. Finally able to style my hair without having to stand infront of the mirror for more than 5 minutes~ And it last the whole day!

Looks like I found the person to supply me with hair products 🙂

Will definitely recommend my friends to look for this friendly/knowledgeable guy.

Thumbs up for your excellence service!! 😀

Jerome, Singapore

This has been my third purchase from Junhong. First time i bought a OS Fashion Sea Spray, a Feeling power point hairspray as well as a Schwarzkopf silhouette hairspray. I needed it on the following day so i dropped Junhong a message and he replied promptly and said he could meet me at a location which was convenient to both of us.

The OS Fashion Sea Spray for me was a good buy. Sprayed it on the roots of my damp hair and dried it off with my hairdryer. The solution left a sticky after-touch which wasn’t the greatest feeling but it does its job in increasing volume. Before, I used Shiseido Stage Work Powder shake so its not really good to compare the OS spray to that haha! I see that Junhong has brought in that product so look forward to my next purchase from you!

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Spray has quite a strong smell of jasmine that is actually fine but I personally didn’t like it. The ultra fine mist must be sprayed from a distance to attain the natural yet strong hold. The finish is a tad on the shiny side. Spray too near and it clumps up like your bathroom sink. An awesome hairspray (sadly i don’t like the smell) for daily use and it washes off easily

Second time, I ordered a Vifa molding clay with yet another Feeling power point hairspray online and it came to my doorstep within the week.

Vifa Molding Clay is like magic to me. Used a small portion of it to create more volume to my hair with the hairdryer and then used more to style till perfection then finish with hairspray. It has a VERY NICE smell that even my girlfriend was addicted to it and creates a very nice matte finish which is not sticky and washes off easily. Loved it!

Feeling Power Point Finishing Spray has a nice smell it is not as malleable as Schwarzkopf silhouette hairspray but it is not far off! Price-wise it is a better option for me. It does not flake and must be sprayed from a distance to create the natural yet strong hold. The finish is quite shiny too. Schwarzkopf silhouette hairspray has a stronger hold as compared to this.

My third purchase with him was just a few hours ago. I messaged him in the afternoon as it was an emergency and said i wanted to purchase 2 more Feeling power point hairspray and wanted to meet him within the day, location and timing at his convenience. TPJ does not do meetups anymore but he understood my urgency in needing the product and agreed on a meetup. For that I am grateful and pleased with buying from him. He even wrapped both my hairspray in Christmas wrapping and gave a note wishing me Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (of course with samples too – like every other purchases with him)

10/10, very satisfied buyer

Kahboom, Singapore

Finally gonna give bro Junhong the review that’s super overdue for a few weeks! Contacted him for advice on which type of hair shampoo is best suited for my hair and he gave me a whole chunk of useful information and comparisons between his various products, which educated me a ton.

Ended up getting a bottle of P.O.T.E shampoo from him and also a bottle of the popular SSS which I must say were great buys. No regrets, cos they work so well and my hair is in better condition than before.

Smooth and speedy delivery, well-packaged goods and also free samples show how much he value his customers and also his level of dedication towards us. The personalised name cards also show his effort put into his business. Will definitely buy from you again!

Chester, Singapore

Great service and friendly guy!

Ordered my SSS and got it within few days. Not sure about how to use it so texted him and he gave me detailed steps of how to use it. Got a free sample from him too! 🙂

SSS works like magic for my hair, from a flat and having hard times styling to a easy styling time. My hair is in place after spraying it with SSS and blowing dry, although the hair may feels dry, it’s ok. It already holds my hair in place and it saves me time from styling my hair, paired it with GD and this really works wonder. My hair can stay for the whole day and does not have problem if i need to restyle it.

Raymond, Singapore

I am very happy with the excellent service from Jun Hong. Not only is he prompt with his replies, he also knows the products well and recommendation. Delivery was fast as well.

I bought the OS Fashion Sea Salt Spray. I have to say i am very happy with the product. My hair is straight and quite thin. With the sea salt spray, it was not only able to provide my hair with volume for easier styling, the holding power was also there and still able to allow me to restyle as desire.

Will definitely buy from Jun Hong again.

De Wei, Singapore

I give 5 star for good product and good service…I like the vantachi. Its worth it as it has good power holding and smell is good.

I will probably repurchase this. Thanks to junhong, he is a nice guy and he gave me sample of vogne shampoo too. Thanks to theprettyjerk for selling this good stuff!

Donrich, Singapore

Definitely a 5 stars rating for TPJ (Junhong) services and product!

TPJ has provided excellent service and great recommendation of the products that suited me. Great job for the packaging done to ensure everything are secured and there were no leakage at all.

I have to say the products that I bought and the samples given were all great. Each product has its own strength and I like all of them!

Thanks for the patience and effort JH. Will be getting more products from you again!!

Alvin Lim, Singapore

Bought the Vision Shine & Treatment Pomade. As written in the description, I definitely noticed that my hair felt softer. Even in Singapore’s humid weather, it manages to last quite a while before drying off.

Upon receiving the item, it was packed in a neat little bag, which includes a sample of the Lissage Vogne Acidic Shampoo. After trying it out, I was pleasantly surprised that it easily washed the pomade right off. Great recommendation! Will be purchasing one real soon.

Overall, the product is excellent and the service is fantastic. Great job, TPJ! You earned another regular customer. Keep it going!! 😉

Firdaus, Singapore

Friendly and efficient seller. Ordered a OS SSS from the site and I got a sms immediately from Junhong informing me about the stock status. Stock arrived earlier than expected.

Meet up with Junhong and collected the OS SSS on that weekend I ordered. After collection, he sent a sms on a writeup of the usage of the product! Recommended to all!

Edmund, Singapore

Great service, wonderful products. Worth patronizing.

Great service.
Junhong texted me personally to confirm my order and an estimation of when the product will be shipped. He checked on my previous purchase and made sure I end up another satisfied customer. As I know a little about hair products, I didn’t ask for more information. However I’m sure if you need, he’ll let you know the things that you should know that’ll help you in styling and caring for your hair.

Wonderful Product.
I got the OS SSS and it works as described. It’s easy to wash off, and has the beach head feel when it’s dried. It has a certain holding power and Junhong made sure to inform customers of it.

Worth Patronizing.
The shipping was fairly quick, he included a sample shampoo for me to try out and the package was packed nicely. Payment verification was quick, order confirmation was quick, and that’s why I always check TPJ out when I’m in need of any hair product for a certain use.

Constance, Singapore

Vogne acidic Shampoo and Conditioner – Am currently using my second set, and I absolutely love the effect of this pair!

As my scalp is both oily and sensitive, it has always been difficult for me to find a suitable hair shampoo. More often that not, the shampoos that I tried are either ineffective in cleaning off the oil and dirt on my scalp, resulting in itchiness of the scalp, or are effective in removing oil and dirt, but are too drying on my tresses. However vogne acidic shampoo is able to effectively cleanse my scalp and moisturize my hair at the same time! The effect of this shampoo is really evident as my hair now feels healthier and smoother!

I love the vogne acidic conditioner too as I thought it compliments the shampoo very well. It provides added moisture for my hair and it leaves my tresses softer and smoother!

Two thumbs up for the vogne acidic shampoo and conditioner set!

Genevieve, Singapore

Excellent products at reasonable pricing! Most importantly, the fantastic service from JH that keeps me coming back.

Just a personal review of these products as I believed styling products are of individual preference. It depends on the style u want, the length and nature of your hair and your perception of products effectiveness.

Vogne acidic shampoo – this is by far the best shampoo I’ve used. It’s thick and it cleanse really well. It’s so moisturising that it makes my previous styling products mediocre. Use SSS for easier styling. 9/10

EBL clay – matte wax with great hold. Initial styling might not be easy but once u spread it out evenly, you are able to style with ease. I like the honeydew smell as well. May not be the easiest to wash off but not an issue if you use lissage vogne acidic shampoo. 8.5/10

90 degrees x strong wax – this is a fantastic product IMO. It’s matte, dry, hard, easy to apply and extremely washable. Oh, and it’s organic as well. Most importantly, it’s light weight and works well for my fine hair. I feel it’s identical to EBL clay but drier. Heard reviews on the smell but it’s acceptable to me. 9.5/10

Vantachi clay – another popular wax which is easy to apply and very washable. It’s matte and it holds decent for me. Maybe My preference is with hard wax. But if you are looking for natural style with good hold on a casual weekend outing, this is good. The price itself is fantastic. 8/10

PowerPoint spray – most popular spray in TPJ I guess. It’s lightweight and matte. Allows your to restyle your hair with ease. I wasn’t too impressed with the hold initially to be honest as I’m used to hardening spray. Now that I’m getting used to this spray, I came to realised that hardening spray doesn’t mean it holds nicely. It freezes your hair well in the morning but it will eventually goes flat in the evening and you can’t fix them anymore. Overall it’s a good to use and holds well. Not a fan of the smell although some might disagree. 8.5/10

EBL head code spray – this is the perfect balance between PowerPoint and osis hair spray. It holds harder than PowerPoint coz it tends to freeze a little. Not as easy to restyle compare to PowerPoint but it’s achievable. I love the refreshing smell as well. 8.5/10

Service – 10/10

The above comments and ratings are based on my personal opinion. They are all excellent products and no harm giving it a try or ask JH for samples along with your purchases. A very satisfied customer. : )

Benny, Singapore

I am very impressed by the many initiatives Jun Hong has made to ensure that the products I ordered are prompt and well delivered. Thanks a lot will order more as I find the product very useful.

Ivan, Singapore

Received my SSS in less than 2 days via normal mail. Also included the samples that I requested and I really liked the effort taken to package the items nicely in a very attractive looking embroidered bag. Will definitely buy again from TPJ!

Benjamin, Singapore