Voluminous and wavy (or beachy) hair are incredibly trendy and modern and can spice up the way we look. If you are someone with naturally heavy and straight hair (yes, we’re describing you asians!), getting this messy and tousled look can be rather challenging; but definitely not impossible. In this article, we will learn how to use Sea Salt Spray (SSS) as part of our hair styling regime.  You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy can SSS help you to achieve this.

How Sea Salt Spray Works

The good news is you don’t need a day at the beach to give you beach waves. The key to achieving this – salt – is often found in SSS as the main active ingredient. Generally speaking, SSS is a product which is primarily used to build volume in the hair, and also helps to build a base structure in the hair, to aid subsequent styling using the main styling products (e.g., wax or clay). With sea salt as the main ingredient, it works by drying out the hair and bunching up the hair which in turn creates volume in the hair. In case you’re wondering if this is damaging for the hair, please don’t. With mainly sea salt, be assured that it can be easily washed off (even without shampoo, but we still strongly suggest to use one) at the end of the day.

SSS is in fact categorized under the category of “Pre-Styler“. Also, SSS is especially useful for people living in warm and humid countries such as Singapore. In Singapore (where I am also staying in), the humidity is particularly high (i.e., high moisture content in the air) and this actually adds weight onto the hair and causes the buildup of excess hair oils in the hair. With SSS, it can help to control and absorb the excess hair oils. This is in fact very helpful, as you can imagine that no one likes to be exhibiting an “oily” and unhealthy look (worse still, an undesirable hair stench).

Below are some of my personal photos for illustration.

Nothing applied on the hair

Before Using SSS (nothing applied where hair is naturally flat and no texture)

SSS on straight hair

After Using SSS (Naturally straight hair where SSS helps to provide volume for the hair)

SSS on permed hair

After using SSS (SSS also works amazingly with permed hair to bring out the curls. With permed hair, reduce the # of sprays used)

How To Use Sea Salt Spray 

Step 1: Apply onto damp hair (after shower)

One of the main reasons why SSS is increasingly popular is because it works fast and works well. A simple rule of thumb to remember – Apply liquid products onto damp hair. Apply non-liquid products (e.g., powder or wax/clay) onto dry hair. Obviously, SSS is a liquid product so you need to apply onto damp hair (after shower).

Step 2: Use about 3 to 5 times on the hair

Pull the hair up and spray the SSS right into the hair. Repeat this for approximately 3 to 5 times, on different areas of the hair. This can depend on the properties of the SSS that you’re using because each and every SSS comes with varying hold level, dryness levels and build-ability. In other words, if a SSS is very build-able (for instance, Shiseido Powder Shake), it means that you can use more than usual and it will not make your hair feel overly stiff and dry. Notably, it is important to bear in mind these differences by starting slow and simple. Use sparingly; increase the number of sprays only when required. For instance, OS Fashion Sea Spray comes with high hold and high dryness, while REF 323 Sea Spray comes with softer hold but lower dryness. Hence, it is up to personal preferences when choosing which SSS to use.

Note: In principle, SSS works best when you allows it to work into the roots area to boost the lift for the hair. Although it is fine for the SSS to touch the scalp, I personally don’t practice doing so. Apart from the possibility which may still cause my hair pores being clogged, this technique may not be the most ideal either, as the SSS contents may end up not coming in contact the hair ends. Results eventually may not be optimal.

Step 3: Use a hair-dryer

The last step is to use a hair-dryer to blow dry the hair. This is the crux to achieving instant and optimal volume in the hair, after using SSS. The wind from the hair-dryer helps to define the shape of the hair and the heat will dry up the applied SSS contents in the hair to provide the hold. While blow-drying, use techniques such as scrunching the hair to give it additional volume and bringing out the curls in the hair. Do remember to blow-dry till 100% dry, if you’re intending to continue styling with a main styling product such as hair wax or clay.

Voila! Now, you should see some real volume being created for you. Real quick and easy, which should not take more than 10 minutes with a medium hair length. This is definitely a must-have for Asians, to overcome the problems that our beloved heavy, limp, straight hair have (in spite of the other advantages that it carries along too). Have fun and enjoy!