As we usher in the Year of the Monkey, our team would like to wish every one a Happy and Prosperous  Lunar New Year! A brand new year calls for fresh changes, and the team @ TPJ wants to introduce something new this Lunar New Year! So, for the first time, we have created our very  own infographics to share more information on hair products with the community! Like everyone else new to creating infographics,  we also  faced our share of challenges in conceptualizing our first infographic. But nevertheless, the process was fun! We sat down to discuss the things that we know best and the topics that would be relevant and useful to the community before finally deciding on the theme which we wanted for our first and subsequent infographics.

As much as we want to share all the information and infographics with the community, let’s first start off with the most basic theme – What Shampoo Should You Get.

TPJ presents to you a simple guide that will help you determine the type of shampoo which will best suit your needs, particularly based on your hair grooming regimen.

There are two reasons behind choosing this theme as our first.

  • It’s a necessity. Everyone, regardless of gender, needs a shampoo. This simple fact is the main motivation for us to create this simple guide for everyone’s reference.
  • For giving back to the community. We started in the men’s grooming market back in 2013, and now entering into our 4th year, we want to give back too – by sharing the knowledge and information that we’ve gathered over the years.

This read is meant for everyone (yes, including the ladies so you could offer some hair grooming advice to your better half)! The main takeaway which we want for our readers is for you to be able to identify the shampoo that is more suitable for you, based on your current hair grooming regimen.

TPJ - What Shampoo Should You Get (Infographic)

Imagine if someone, a heavy-duty user who uses a lot of styling products everyday, and someone else, a mainstream user who uses a moderate amount of styling products regularly (i.e. not daily). Naturally, the needs for both will be distinctly different. While the heavy-duty user  will require a stronger cleanser (e.g. deep cleansing shampoo) to remove the styling products thoroughly, the mainstream user may  consider using a moisturizing or nourishing shampoo to improve the moisture and nutrient content in the hair.

While it is not surprising that most people are using generic drugstore shampoo, we strongly believe that such shampoo are never suitable for people who use hair styling products, simply because drugstore shampoo are for general usage and are not targeted at specific needs.

We hope our very first post has been useful for you. We will definitely be sharing more infographics in the future, with even more information that will help you make better decisions! Should you have any feedback for us, please feel free to contact us anytime! Till then, stay tuned!