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OS Fashion Sea Salt Spray for creating hair volume instantly; no more “FLAT” hair anymore. It builds a base structure in the hair and able to bunch up the hair nicely enough to aid subsequent styling (e.g. wax/clay); Works well with most products. On lazy days, use OS Fashion Sea Salt Spray to have a tousled and casual look. Sea Salt Spray can be used on damp/dry hair. For best results, use on damp hair. Suitable for people with short to medium hair length; Also suitable for females with permed hair

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No difference in packaging, formula or ingredients between I Hair Sea Spray and OS Fashion Sea Spray (different naming for different region distribution) 

Strength:4 (Medium-High) | Shine:1 (Low) | Washability: 5 (High)

Selling points:

  1. Sea Salt Spray for creating hair volume instantly; No more “FLAT” hair anymore.
  2. Builds a base structure in the hair and able to bunch up the hair nicely enough to aid subsequent styling (e.g. wax/clay); Works well with most products
  3. Easiness to style and easiness to wash off as the main ingredient is only sodium chloride (salt)
  4. On lazy days, use I Hair to have a tousled and casual look. Saltwater spray can be used on damp/dry hair. For best results, use on damp hair.
  5. Suitable for people with short to medium hair length; Also suitable for females with permed hair

Something you should also know:

  1. Works in such a way that it dries out your hair (not in a damaging manner); Absorbs excess oils in the hair especially in SG’s humid climate
  2. Sea Salt Spray is different from the typical hair spray (which is used as finish), as it is is used for creating hair volume.
  3. Most asians have straight and heavy hair and this explains why our hair are often “FLAT” when dry
  4. How long can this last (daily usage): 3 to 5 months
  5. Scale (to measure the various aspects) is from 1 to 5, where 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest

The ingredients:

Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate.Sorbitol.PVP, Laureth-12 PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil. Panthenol, PEG-25 PABA.Diazolidinyl Urea, DM Hydantoin, Parfum

What TPJ got to say:  Recommended for people with straight hair and often frowned over problems such as hair being too flat; Creates hair volume instantly with fantastic results. 😀

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  1. John

    Good product and fast delivery

  2. Ken

    My preferred sea salt spray brand, tried some others but would always come back to this.
    It is the only thing I use now, gives my hair volume and is easy to wash out.

  3. yf

    Excellent product that I’ve been using for a few years. Would always come back here to buy this whenever it runs out.

  4. Harvey

    Really can see the difference from first use. Thumbs up from me.

  5. keith_teo1993

    Was introduced to this spray by my friends and was not disappointed. Product really does add volume to my usually flat hair. Will definitely buy again when it runs out

  6. Qeeby

    JH has great reputative with his buyer that makes them come back as a delighted customer how everything runs smoothly. i have been a repetitive customer of OS sea spray for more than my fingers could count (haha). thumbs up buddy for the great work you have done. keep up the good work.

  7. Jerome

    I was introduced to seasalt spray only recently and am PISSED that I spent years without knowledge of such a product! Growing my hair out, this seasalt spray is a godsend to create volume without (in my opinion) the heaviness of wax/clay. I will definitely buy again.

  8. Qeeby

    repeatative cust on purchasing this product. positive reviews keep on coming in. this is the only product i trust on my damp hair to volumize. great scent too!


  9. lleumas

    creates amazing volume with a few sprays and hairdryer! very very much recommended!

  10. leyesh

    Really good pre-styler to give your hair instant volume after blow drying! Works better than kms sss that I used previously!

  11. Jerome

    Easy to use, good to use.
    Having so much trouble in the past trying to style my hair. And it always falls off before the end of the day.
    Now, styling is so much easier and I don’t really need to do much for the rest of the day since it stays there!

  12. Casey

    Warning… Once you start using the OS Sea Spray, you won’t stop using it.
    This is a like a miracle water that leaves your hair up all day. It gives my hair much more volume and makes styling much easier. Extremely easy to use and to wash off.

  13. Andrew

    Easy to use especially with wet hair. Good volume and makes it easier to style.
    Good purchase!

  14. Guang Rong

    Have been using this OS Spray for over a week now, all I can say is WOW! If you have hair that is stubbornly flat and difficult to style upwards using clay/wax, then this is the product for you. True to its description, it creates lots of volume and dries up your hair for the whole day despite the humid weather.

    For best effect, spray it on wet hair and blow dry upwards using a hair dryer. On my medium length hair (about 3-inches long), I use about 4-5 pumps of spray. Very pleasant smell like the ocean and very easy to wash off.

    Can be used on its own or combined with other hairstyling products. For me I will use the OS spray to first create the base shape of my hair, and then use a lightweight clay to add texture and mold the finer details of the hairstyle before finishing off with hairspray. By creating volume using the OS spray in the first step, it has made me hairstyling routine much easier. Definitely recommend this product to anyone.

  15. Isaac

    Great for creating volume and easy to wash off.

  16. Andrew

    This product is really something. I consider myself to be quite particular when it comes to hair products, and this is one is worth every dollar.

    Having felt unsatisfied with numerous other alternatives in the past, I was naturally a little skeptical about this one too. However upon first application, I immediately knew that this truly was something spectacular.

    Does everything as advertised and more. Probably best used with a hairdryer.

  17. Alan

    Bought OS Spray and vantachi clay from Jun Hong.

    For the product, OS spray is easy to use and u can immediately see the ‘volume’ after u dry ur hair.
    Vantachi clay is good. Can really hold my hair from 7am till 9pm.
    Both can be easily wash off.
    What I like most is the shampoo sample that come with my purchase.
    It smell great and my hair feel soft after using.

    Good service and product provided by Jun Hong.

  18. Lee Sing Huey

    It helps to *mattify* my hair and it stays dry for a long time. I find the spray a bit difficult to use though. Might want to spray on my comb first and then apply it on my hair. The spray is more like water droplets instead of a fine mist. Thought it would be more like a hair spray. All is good! Only don’t really like the spray..

  19. Brandon

    Ordered the product on a Sunday and Junhong from TPJ immediately posted out the item the next day. It’s really great to see people wanting to make your buying experience a memorable one and he did just that.

    On to the product review! The spray is really really good. You just towel dry your hair after a bath (make sure it’s not too damp like how I did mine if not you got to blow dry it for really long) and just spray the front, back and the sides from the roots to the tip (upwards)! Just blow dry upwards and the volume you get from it is really good.

    I like how it is because you don’t even seem to need to use a wax/gel after applying this, although you can. It really just feels like beach hair with a fragrance. If your hair is thin and flat like mine, your worrying days are over!

  20. Dewei

    Very good Spray. Gives my hair more volume and easier to style. Great hold but does not make your hair looks unnatural or too hard for a restyle. I was also amazed by how easy it is to wash it away. Thumbs up!!

  21. Hong Quan

    First time trying and I would say it is really amazing. I did not encounter any dryness that some was saying. After blow dry my hair, i finally had the volume I always wanted. It gives a very nice fruity smell when spray onto the hair. Easy to apply and it really creates great volume especially for those who are going for the backcomb hairstyle. Helps me alot in styling my hair and i really recommend all to get this product if you want to create volume! After styling with wax, finish it with their pp spray and you can have your hair last for the day.

  22. Eason

    Os seasalt spray is a must for volumized hair. It gives your hair out of bed look yet looks natural and volumized. When you spray it on your hair, it was abit sticky. But once the os spray dry up, just run your finger over your hair and tease it alittle. you get alot of volume. However, 3-5 spray including top side and back plus front (whole head) is recommended. Try not to spray too much as too much will make your hair too dry and fluffy and it will be difficult to wash off at the end of the day. Used it with hair clay after creating volume and lastly freeze the style with PP hair spray. Thanks JH for the awesome products.

  23. Wen Bin

    Been using this product for almost a week. Must say that it’s way better than my previous sea salt spray!
    Styling became easier and the volume is WOW !
    Happy customer 😀

  24. theprettyjerk

    “restock my powerpoint spray and os sss from TPJ 2days back. i dont think there is much more for me to say about this 2 product because, ITS ALREADY MY 4TH TIME PURCHASING IT!

    however this time round, i added in vantachi! had the chance to use it yestarday and the smell is really incredible, really pleasant. i could style my hair easily with vantachi and with pp spray, the hold is pretty good.”

    First posted by and credits to “Collectible” on 18th May 2014 [Post #4582]

  25. Melissa

    Finally got to try this! Amazing lift. I finally managed a decent quiff on my flat straight chinese hair. And you don’t have to use much. 2-3 sprays was enough for my 1-2 inch hair. I spray it onto my hand and work it into my damp hair for an even distribution. Then blow dry, wax and hairspray.

    Also, Jun Hong is a very friendly and efficient dealer! Texts me personally with updates regarding my transaction. And provides samples in little containers with helpful product descriptions. Received my items in 3-4 working days. Will shop again in the future, thanks.

  26. theprettyjerk

    “JH bro

    sorry for posting this review late, was busy with exams

    Vogne shampoo n conditioner: the smell is very nice, able to moisturize the hair very well as compared to previous shampoos used. able to wash styling products on hair after a long day.

    sea salt spray able to provide volume to the hair along with the help of hairdryer, useful for people with flat hair without any volume. combination of vantachi clay and gold digger for styling of hair, the clay smells very nice and is able to combine well with gd as compared to quicksand + gd combo. finish off with ppspray and do not need to worry about hair falling off against strong winds, just need to use comb to adjust alittle.”

    First posted by and credits to “fyfyfy” on 6th April 2014 [Post #3615]

  27. Constance

    Adds volume and on top of that, gives you a decent hold (your hairstyling wax can now last longer), blow-dry in the style you want and you’re done.

    Recommended. I used it on short hair and medium length hair, gents and ladies. A wonderful product worth getting.

  28. Dalton

    Firstly, junhong bro provide some excellent service for his customers! Was skeptical to about this seasalt spray but heard many good reviews about it so decided to try it.

    As expected, was not disappointed after using it. The smell is amazingly pleasant. Sprayed 4-5 times evenly around the hair, and after blow-drying it, the volume and matte that you can achieve is stunning! Makes styling so much easier with this product!!

    However it does make your hair a little bit dry but it’s perfectly fine with me 🙂

    Will definitely use this product for many years to come!

  29. Eason

    This is my first seasalt spray. I was doubtful at first. I spray it on my dry hair. Started to tease the hair by rubbing it and blowdrying it. To my surprise, it was really good and effective. As I have thin hair, it give me lots of volume. It would give me a matte dry look, it is not sticky neither does it make your hair oily. It created natural out of bed look easily. The best part is it is easy to wash off. Definitely will get it again.

  30. DK

    Great Smell, Great Strength, Excellent Nozzle with only one flaw. It’s too strong (in my opinion) and feels a little dry. However, the Eco Sea Spray would be a better choice if you find this product to be a little too strong for your liking.

  31. theprettyjerk

    “Bought and used some products from the smart ass Google programmer. Lols. Here are my thoughts.

    Vogne Shampoo is in her own league as compared to most shampoos in common department stores that uses fancy words to attract your attention. Makes your hair really soft and silky, a result of the good moisturising effect. Great smell and post shower feeling. Also, its very suitable for oily and sensitive scalp like mine as I’ve been using it daily without irritation. Lathers up well too so you won’t have to worry about pumping too much.

    90 degrees X-strong Wax. Matte finish look for people who want to have a ‘i have nothing on my hair’ look. Strong hold and extremely washable. Water alone can wash up to 80% of it off. Using any gentle shampoo would suffice since its so soluble. Smell is subjective. To me, if the smell is more pleasant, all the other wax stores can close shop. Use a nice smelling hair spray to overcome it or use your perfume/cologne to mask it, which ever floats your boat.

    OS Fashion Sea Salt Spray. Provides great lift to your hair. It can create the illusion of thick and full hair even if you have fine and soft hair that cant resist gravity. Great smell and the orange liquid looks like an appealing soft drink!

    Vogne Conditioner is given as a free sample. Thanks btw. Beats my Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner by a mile. Been using Dove conditioner for 2 weeks and my frizzy hair is still there. Just 3 application of Vogne conditoner and its fixed. No kidding. Its coming back since I used it up.

    Pote Natural Organic Shampoo Shampoo. Marginally better in terms of moisturising effect than Vogne. Definitely more worth it than any shampoo in commercial stores. Even helped with my frizzy hair slightly. But I still prefer Vogne as its from Japan whereas Pote is manufactured in China. Preference only.

    Carbolic Shampoo is good for deep cleansing your scalp. Charcoal removes any lingering hawker center smell if you’ve just dine there. Still acceptable for oily and sensitive scalps. Can’t determine about its effects if used daily since I only got a sample.

    Kudos to your entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe one day can win Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    Side note, the purple SilkPro Oil Control Shampoo is a real tonic for your dandruff. Makes them multiply like mad. Perhaps its my sensitive scalp. Try it if you want to confirm you can make snowflakes”

    First posted by and credits to “prokia” on 6th February 2014 [Post #2664]

  32. theprettyjerk

    “The true power of SSS is activated when you are in those super strong winds environment (sea winds at east coast etc.), and the winds blow until your hair goes totally out of shape and crappy. But if it has SSS on it, all you need to do is to style your hair back by scrunching it here and there and it’s back to normal

    Also, another thing about SSS is that when permed hair loses it’s curls and strength, you can “get it back” by using SSS.
    Basically, to a certain extent for me, non-permed hair + SSS = permed hair without SSS ”

    First posted by and credits to “xeonboy” on 18th Janurary 2014. [Post #1975]

  33. Josh

    Was recommended by TPJ the SS Spray over the alternative powder products for volumizing.

    The smell is surprisingly pleasant. The spray does ensure even spreading of SS onto larger areas of hair. And all i have to do is to tousle it and blow dry with my hairdryer to get the volume that i wanted. Somehow, it has become a must-have for me already! Thanks TPJ! 🙂

  34. theprettyjerk

    “just a simple review on what i feel on the products bought from ljh bro, first got to commend that every time i buy, products are well packed and always come with a custom bag haha.

    -os sea salt spray
    nice pleasant smell
    not too sticky
    mostly used with towel dried hair, but trying with completely dry hair is not too bad either, brings some life and volume by tousling on flat hair, and shape managed to stay either.

    -powerpoint spray
    strong hold with some shine
    took few trys to get use with it, do not spray to much at once at once and do it far away, otherwise it will clump up and get too heavy. Nowdays if im too lazy to use any styling product, will just do sss>blow dry>spray & im good to go.

    -Vogne shampoo
    feels moisturized instantly after 1 wash,hair feels lighter and softer
    smell is awesome, last damn long even can smell my hair the next day”

    First posted by and credits to “xia0zhang” on 6th Janurary 2014. [Post #1629]

  35. Benjamin

    So easy to use, just spray and blowdry to shape! Best matte feel product ever, hair texture really looks awesome after application, even after 1 night of sleep!

  36. theprettyjerk

    “Gna write a review of Vogne shampoo, conditioner, the nigelle TF treatment and OS SSS!

    Vogne shampoo, first of all, is the best shampoo I have used ever. It moisturises extremely and does not leave your hair feeling dry or frizzy at all! It leaves quite a heavy, somewhat creamy feeling in your hair after washing it out. It is heavy probably due to its moisturising properties and it does work wonders. However, it doesn’t leave my hair that silky and smooth as it makes the hair quite heavy but it is still the silkiest and smoothest hair I got from ANY shampoo. It is my high expectations due to the countless rave reviews of it in this thread that has gotten my hopes sky high and I’m happy to say Vogne has very much almost reached it.

    Vogne conditioner, I did not buy from JH but got it as a sample as i bought the nigelle TF treatment and he suggested that it was not needed when I’m already gna use the nigelle (No hard selling from JH, very good) The Vogne conditioner was what complements the shampoo perfectly. Remember i said the shampoo does not leave the hair feeling silky and smooth but heavy from the moisturising it did? Well, the conditioner does just that and the hair is extremely silky and smooth! The sample I got lasted my 4 washes hehe I’m so cheapskate I actually used a little less conditioner so it can last me longer but that also shows just how good i think the conditioner is.

    The smell of the Vogne range however, is left a little more to be desired. From the rave reviews about its smell, I kind of expected more. The smell is no doubt awesome however, when rubbed against your palms to lather the shampoo and then smelling it, it had a slight acidic tinge to it but overall the shea butter smell was still much stronger and it was awesome. The smell isn’t the problem – it is awesome. The problem is that it isn’t very strong smelling so after shampooing and stepping out of the shower i can’t smell it anymore. Perhaps it is a good thing but i think the smell should last longer.

    The Nigelle TF treatment, was alright. Its smelt is a little chemical and it doesn’t stay (like the Vogne, imo, but my nose isn’t that strong to start of with) The nigelle does its job very well in repairing my hair and it acts kinda like a conditioner? It makes my hair very much less frizzy and silkier and smoother. Very good in that sense but nothing really special. I think the Vogne conditioner could have done that job as well and it has a more pleasant smell than the nigelle. Again, the smell isn’t that big of a factor as it isn’t really that strong so do not make it a buy or don’t buy criteria.

    The OS SSS is a pretty good product. It’s bottle has a lock or stop the spray as well which is neat I find so you can use it for travelling and such. It already has a pretty strong hold so you can kinda make the shape of your hairstyle while blowdrying with the SSS. The smell is nice but negligible since the wax or clay or what smell will overpower it. It makes the hair pretty matte so it looks beachy and there isn’t any salt residue left which is good. This is the first SSS I’ve used so i can’t make much comparison but overall it is a good product once again.

    Overall, all the products I’ve got achieved its objectives amply but I think the Vogne range stands out and if you are wanting to buy it please get both the shampoo and conditioner together as it complements it absolutely perfectly. Really regretted not getting the conditioner after using the sample.

    Just my 2 cents worth! ”

    First posted by and credits to “prozaizxc” on 16th December 2013. [Post #940]

  37. Alfred

    It’s definitely one of the essential product in helping to style up your hair, especially if you’re the kind to go for volume. Easy to wash off, nice scent, produce the volume as intended! It’s a life-saver when you’re rushing for time, spray over towel dried hair and blow dry. Worth to mention: Seller’s service is excellent. 🙂

  38. theprettyjerk

    “Got my 2nd bottle of OS Spray yesterday after the 1st bottle ran out 1.5 weeks ago or so. During this period, I used the Wella Ocean Spritz to “dong” a bit longer while waiting for the 2nd bottle to come.

    I’ve got some PMs regarding the Wella ocean spritz ever since I posted a question on that previously. For anyone interested in how the OS spray stack against the Wella one, there is no contest. Even after pouring the Wella spray onto my hands, the result is weaker than applying half that amount of OS Spray.

    The Wella spritz is $10+ more than the OS spray, and the hold is a lot weaker and softer and you might as well not apply. OS spritz when applied in proper amount can last pretty much more than 24 hours under normal conditions (ie: no drenching by rain or under wet-wind condition, hair not soaked by extreme sweat).”

    First posted by and credits to “xeonboy” on 16th November 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-642.html

  39. theprettyjerk

    “Yesterday recieve 2 parcels. Kent table comb and Dr Bronner castille soap from feelunique and OS Spray from TPJ.

    I must say very impressed by OS Spray. The volume and hold very better than KMS sss. My current hairstyle quite short, I just use the OS Sea Spray and a bit of hairspray then can settle.”

    First posted by and credits to “PetiaC” on 15th November 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-638.html

  40. JoeT.

    This product is legit. Period. Together with the power point spray gives me all the control and hold I need for different kind of hairstyles. To add on has a great smell to freshen up and it can last quite awhile. For the amount of money, this really is bang for the buck. Props to theprettyjerk for bringing this product in. Keep those awesome products coming! Will be back for more 🙂

  41. theprettyjerk

    “@leejhong: The OS spray I got from you previously is insane. When applied in the correct amt + blow dry, it gives me the same effect as those super-thick-voluminous korean hair My hair volume pretty much goes from flat and limp to thick and almost-afro”

    First posted by and credits to “xeonboy” on 20th October 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-581.html

  42. Jo

    I have not found another product that washes of as easily and does not flake when dry. It smells damn nice and its a good everyday product. I’ll probably be buying a couple more of these.

  43. theprettyjerk

    “I was skeptical at first but the OS fashion sea salt spray really brings a lot of volume to my hair it looks crazy LOL! time to look for a better wax now..”

    First posted by and credits to “salivaman” on 22th September 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-476.html

  44. theprettyjerk

    “The power of the Sea Salt Spray.

    I have seen endless recommendation and questions of sea salt spray. Let’s clear this once and for all so that people will know the power of it!

    This is done via OS sea salt spray by Leejhong aka the pretty jerk aka dior model!
    pretty awesome product. Lasted me since March 2013 till now, still got abit left.
    The link!

    First thing sea salt spray gives is volume. most of us asian has flat hair, even with hair dryer, it’s difficult to achieve the voluminous hair like what a Caucasian can get. It’s practically a life saver product for us!

    Second, it’s a pre-styling product which means it can used before you use wax/clay/pomade to style your hair. It’s usually used when you towel dried your hair and before blowing your hair.

    Third, it gives you a outline or shape of the style you are looking for when blow drying. The shape will pretty much stay after blow drying because sea salt spray has a certain amount of hold but not strong enough to be used as a main styling product for us guys. We will need a final styling product to finish up the styling.

    Fourth, it dries your hair pretty much and with dry hair, the use of wax/clay/pomade will be easier to apply and hold of such products will be better (quote from my old stylist and it’s true and i live by it). It also gives additional holding power that complements the wax/clay/pomade.”

    First posted by and credits to “gaoxing84” on 15th September 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-439.html

  45. theprettyjerk

    “Bought 2 separate items (sea salt spray and syross) from seller and they were great!

    sea salt spray is great on weekends to achieve a casual styled back look while syross provides great hold to keep a neat and presentable look for normal working days”

    First posted by and credits to “zenvey” on 19th August 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/mass-order-corner-251/wts-hair-products-him-her-style-volume-repair-4187840-8.html

  46. theprettyjerk

    “Might have to get another sea salt spray…. my whole family keep using mine

    every morning/afternoon/evening come my room to ‘borrow’

    now left 1/3 bottle only. my brother went holiday even want to borrow the entire bottle. lucky i was at home and tell him i need to use, next time get spare bottle for him”

    First posted by and credits to “deadbeat” on 14th August 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-352.html

  47. theprettyjerk

    “Wow the os sea spray really great…thanks leejhong for the product!”

    First posted by and credits to “appleboy87” on 14th August 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-351.html

  48. theprettyjerk

    “Got my Sea Salt spray amidst raving reviews from the members in this thread from bro leejh via TPJ.

    Promised him a review of the product as a return for the pleasant trade.
    Did COD with him and he was punctual & helpful in answering my queries.
    Also gave me a sample of Nigelle out of goodwill

    First off, the SS spray works pretty much like how your hair would end up (after drying) after a fun and salty day @ Sentosa albeit not that gross.
    It also works like OSIS Dust it for all those who have used it before but less “heavy” & a tad more natural.

    It definitely has matt finish and maybe to the extent one might feel too “dry” depending on hair textures. It certainly gives a significant boost in the volume department but do not expect miracles!

    Due to the matte finish, i opted to pair it with a wax less matte instead of my joico clay and hence i choose HDF Spongewax (Not really matt at all as stated on product label) and it went really well. [washes off easily too]

    Fun & easy to use pre-styling product & overall worth the buy if you are wondering whether to take the plunge or not.”

    First posted by and credits to “TheMediator” on 3rd August 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-331.html

  49. theprettyjerk

    “Thanks bro leejhong for the OS sea salt spray. works very well! and also the free sample!”

  50. theprettyjerk

    “First time using the OS Sea salt spray by bro leejhong and I must say I am impressed with this product. It really helps to give my hair more volume and the strands are bunched up nicely making it easier to style my hair. Gotta use it more as still messing up with the spraying technique.”

    First posted by and credits to “specky7” on 3rd August 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-330.html

  51. jonathankbtan

    The best volumising hair product I ever bought. Just need abt 4 pumps and blow dry to see the diff. Smells gd and easy to wash off. Great for olle with flat hair. Advised to towel dry your hair before spraying on, following by blow drying to get the volume. Add alittle wax to shape and give it some textures.
    All in all a great hair product.

  52. Shawn

    This is the best hair product I ever bought. Easy to use, easy to wash, smells like the greatest thing ever but most importantly, damn good for those ppl with flat-hair! Instantly volumizes yr hair after blowing towel-dried hair! Can practically just use this spray to style the hair for that tousled hair look!

    If there is a hair product to save when my hse is burning, this will def be the only one I would grab!

  53. theprettyjerk

    “And… the sea spray really sia… i’d say its like a toothpaste! you dun need it per se… primary sch mass brush teeth always no toothpaste de right?…but then once u used it, you cant go back XD
    +1 to OS fashion sea spray! btw jh, since u said better to apply when wet, i applied just now after bathing… see whether after one night’s sleep the volume is there anot! for the lazy! haha”

    First posted by and credits to “deaththeorist” on 16th July 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-305.html

  54. theprettyjerk

    “Bought 90 Degrees X-Strong Wax and OSIS Sea Salt Spray from leejhong bro few week ago

    liking it so far, especially the sea salt spray.

    Since I have a very flat hair, I had trouble styling my hair and make it last throughout the day. Not anymore with the seasalt spray though. ”

    First posted by and credits to “s3nt1n3l” on 11th July 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-301.html

  55. theprettyjerk

    “A simple review on the OS fashion sea salt spray which i got it ytd from the pretty jerk by leejhong.
    I used it on towel dried hair and blow dry. Initial impression “wow!”. I finally can have some volume in my hair. The spray dries fast enough and leaves a nice smell (not totally girl kind, doesn’t make you feel like a girl). The hold is quite good, as you blow into shape, it stays and easily controllable and looking textured. Perfect for people looking to make a quiff which is quite popular nowadays. Think justin bieber and David beckham.

    Also, I was given a tester eax from germany because he knows that I do comb back and side comb for work after I stated here in the thread. That’s customer service right there!

    It’s call the silyorn Hair matter. So far I can’t comment on the hold but it’s pretty controllable. Gives a shine but not oily like. Perfect for slick formal hair style for work.

    I think a alternative good pair to the sea salt spray would be the hanz de fuko scheme cream and sponge wax. Can try their new product quicksand if you want to go for a totally matt look.

    So far I am very statisfied with the product from the pretty jerk and leejhong has been very helpful towards my queries. Keeps my order on track with SMS reminders. Keep up the good work leejhong, will definitely recommend to all my friends who are looking for such products.

    This is a personal review from a statisfied customer and I am not affiliated in any way to theprettyjerk.”

    First posted by and credits to “gaoxing84” on 7th May 2013
    Reference Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/fashion-grooming-235/hair-thread-part-1-a-3056101-259.html

  56. cs

    The effect of the product really surprised me and easy to use. Very recommended to all ^.^

  57. Jason

    Amazing product. Simple to use and results are really there. Definitely a must have if you have flat hair and need abit of volume.

  58. LJX

    This product is great and really helps in creating volume and last long. Hence, after trying and seeing the result of it, I would definitely be buying it again and the customer service of theprettyjerk is great as well. Thanks.

  59. BK

    This bottle of juice is steroids for your hair! I felt like a mf-in lion after using this.

    Typical routine:
    Towel dry hair
    Spray OS Fashion Spray
    Use brush to lift and blowdry
    Wax is optional and hairspray can be used to set your look.

    Was skeptical at first, but this product really blew me away and I don’t usually do reviews. All the volumizing waxes and whatnot being sold can’t compare to using this.
    Definitely will be re-buying!

  60. Andrew

    One of the best type of hair product I used. So easy to create volume in seconds and smells great too. Happy customer on this 🙂

  61. Qin Liang

    The use of sea salt spray combined with my Tu-re wax is pretty good. My hair style can stay in place for a longer period and it’s easier to style my hair now. Also, I like my post dry hair texture and the volume it creates. Definitely a recommended product!

  62. Jun Xiang

    The spray gives off a light nice smell and create volume on hair within minutes after blowing with hairdryer, which allow easier styling of hair, creating a natural look and able to maintain the look throughout the day.

    Overall, it is an awesome product to have for creating volume on hair, not only it is easy to use and wash off, but also affordable 🙂


  63. Yong zheng

    The product works wonders for my hair. It adds the volume but regarding the “wavy, beach look” I don’t seem to find much of a difference. Also take note to use it sparingly as when sprayed too much, it created too much volume such that my hair looks too awkward. Overall, something I would buy again.

  64. Petergoh82

    A great product which I just try it out which gives you volume for your hair and easy to apply.

    Thumbs Up

  65. Arcane36

    eorks like its supposed to.gives volume and nice smell when applied to hair 😀

  66. Oliver

    This one is a great product to give your hair volume and easy to wash off! nice!

  67. canticanti

    This product is worth every penny you paid for.

    1) Affordable
    2) Easy to use
    3) Creates the volume
    4) This product will cause the hair to be a little dry, which is good for Singapore’s humid weather as hair tends to become oily as the day goes by.

    So don’t worry, at the mid/end of the day, your hair will look puffy and yet not dry at all.

    Will definitely look forward for my next purchase. Thanks!

  68. howe

    simple to use! just spray a few sprays onto semi-moisted hair and blow it with hairdryer.

    you will be able to see the fluffy-ness of your hair instantly. increase the overall volume of the hair which make styling of your hair easier later.

    good buy!

  69. Lilian

    This OS sea spray is definitely meant for people with flat hair. Its totally helps to create volume and make your styling more easier than before by creating a more natural look. Most importantly, it is non-greasy and easy to wash off. It helps you to maintain the look for the whole day! It is a must try product! *Thumb up*

  70. Philosopher

    This spray is able to make my hair look thicker after I dried it with hair dryer.
    This makes it easier for me to style my hair with wax after that as my hair is already standing!

  71. Jing

    It is so simple and quick now to create volume in the hair; just by spraying this onto the hair and blowdrying it!

  72. Francis

    Do you face problems styling your hair?
    Do you always end up with a flat hair in the morning?

    Fret not! this is a great product to give your flat hair volume and spray it after drying your hair.

    Suitable for all lengths of hair and easy to wash away.

  73. Ye Chang

    Just wanted to let you all know, that this spray smells great!
    Very easy to wash off, with enough holding power to make your hair more ‘pompous’ while allowing it to have natural movement when the wind is blowing.

    Find out that it works best after showering and towel-drying your hair.

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