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OS Fashion Sea Salt Spray for creating hair volume instantly; no more “FLAT” hair anymore. It builds a base structure in the hair and able to bunch up the hair nicely enough to aid subsequent styling (e.g. wax/clay); Works well with most products. On lazy days, use OS Fashion Sea Salt Spray to have a tousled and casual look. Sea Salt Spray can be used on damp/dry hair. For best results, use on damp hair. Suitable for people with short to medium hair length; Also suitable for females with permed hair

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No difference in packaging, formula or ingredients between I Hair Sea Spray and OS Fashion Sea Spray (different naming for different region distribution) 

Strength:4 (Medium-High) | Shine:1 (Low) | Washability: 5 (High)

Selling points:

  1. Sea Salt Spray for creating hair volume instantly; No more “FLAT” hair anymore.
  2. Builds a base structure in the hair and able to bunch up the hair nicely enough to aid subsequent styling (e.g. wax/clay); Works well with most products
  3. Easiness to style and easiness to wash off as the main ingredient is only sodium chloride (salt)
  4. On lazy days, use I Hair to have a tousled and casual look. Saltwater spray can be used on damp/dry hair. For best results, use on damp hair.
  5. Suitable for people with short to medium hair length; Also suitable for females with permed hair

Something you should also know:

  1. Works in such a way that it dries out your hair (not in a damaging manner); Absorbs excess oils in the hair especially in SG’s humid climate
  2. Sea Salt Spray is different from the typical hair spray (which is used as finish), as it is is used for creating hair volume.
  3. Most asians have straight and heavy hair and this explains why our hair are often “FLAT” when dry
  4. How long can this last (daily usage): 3 to 5 months
  5. Scale (to measure the various aspects) is from 1 to 5, where 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest

The ingredients:

Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate.Sorbitol.PVP, Laureth-12 PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil. Panthenol, PEG-25 PABA.Diazolidinyl Urea, DM Hydantoin, Parfum

What TPJ got to say:  Recommended for people with straight hair and often frowned over problems such as hair being too flat; Creates hair volume instantly with fantastic results. 😀

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  1. John

    Good product and fast delivery

  2. Ken

    My preferred sea salt spray brand, tried some others but would always come back to this.
    It is the only thing I use now, gives my hair volume and is easy to wash out.

  3. yf

    Excellent product that I’ve been using for a few years. Would always come back here to buy this whenever it runs out.

  4. Harvey

    Really can see the difference from first use. Thumbs up from me.

  5. keith_teo1993

    Was introduced to this spray by my friends and was not disappointed. Product really does add volume to my usually flat hair. Will definitely buy again when it runs out

  6. Qeeby

    JH has great reputative with his buyer that makes them come back as a delighted customer how everything runs smoothly. i have been a repetitive customer of OS sea spray for more than my fingers could count (haha). thumbs up buddy for the great work you have done. keep up the good work.

  7. Jerome

    I was introduced to seasalt spray only recently and am PISSED that I spent years without knowledge of such a product! Growing my hair out, this seasalt spray is a godsend to create volume without (in my opinion) the heaviness of wax/clay. I will definitely buy again.

  8. Qeeby

    repeatative cust on purchasing this product. positive reviews keep on coming in. this is the only product i trust on my damp hair to volumize. great scent too!


  9. lleumas

    creates amazing volume with a few sprays and hairdryer! very very much recommended!

  10. leyesh

    Really good pre-styler to give your hair instant volume after blow drying! Works better than kms sss that I used previously!

  11. Jerome

    Easy to use, good to use.
    Having so much trouble in the past trying to style my hair. And it always falls off before the end of the day.
    Now, styling is so much easier and I don’t really need to do much for the rest of the day since it stays there!

  12. Casey

    Warning… Once you start using the OS Sea Spray, you won’t stop using it.
    This is a like a miracle water that leaves your hair up all day. It gives my hair much more volume and makes styling much easier. Extremely easy to use and to wash off.

  13. Andrew

    Easy to use especially with wet hair. Good volume and makes it easier to style.
    Good purchase!

  14. Guang Rong

    Have been using this OS Spray for over a week now, all I can say is WOW! If you have hair that is stubbornly flat and difficult to style upwards using clay/wax, then this is the product for you. True to its description, it creates lots of volume and dries up your hair for the whole day despite the humid weather.

    For best effect, spray it on wet hair and blow dry upwards using a hair dryer. On my medium length hair (about 3-inches long), I use about 4-5 pumps of spray. Very pleasant smell like the ocean and very easy to wash off.

    Can be used on its own or combined with other hairstyling products. For me I will use the OS spray to first create the base shape of my hair, and then use a lightweight clay to add texture and mold the finer details of the hairstyle before finishing off with hairspray. By creating volume using the OS spray in the first step, it has made me hairstyling routine much easier. Definitely recommend this product to anyone.

  15. Isaac

    Great for creating volume and easy to wash off.

  16. Andrew

    This product is really something. I consider myself to be quite particular when it comes to hair products, and this is one is worth every dollar.

    Having felt unsatisfied with numerous other alternatives in the past, I was naturally a little skeptical about this one too. However upon first application, I immediately knew that this truly was something spectacular.

    Does everything as advertised and more. Probably best used with a hairdryer.

  17. Alan

    Bought OS Spray and vantachi clay from Jun Hong.

    For the product, OS spray is easy to use and u can immediately see the ‘volume’ after u dry ur hair.
    Vantachi clay is good. Can really hold my hair from 7am till 9pm.
    Both can be easily wash off.
    What I like most is the shampoo sample that come with my purchase.
    It smell great and my hair feel soft after using.

    Good service and product provided by Jun Hong.

  18. Lee Sing Huey

    It helps to *mattify* my hair and it stays dry for a long time. I find the spray a bit difficult to use though. Might want to spray on my comb first and then apply it on my hair. The spray is more like water droplets instead of a fine mist. Thought it would be more like a hair spray. All is good! Only don’t really like the spray..

  19. Brandon

    Ordered the product on a Sunday and Junhong from TPJ immediately posted out the item the next day. It’s really great to see people wanting to make your buying experience a memorable one and he did just that.

    On to the product review! The spray is really really good. You just towel dry your hair after a bath (make sure it’s not too damp like how I did mine if not you got to blow dry it for really long) and just spray the front, back and the sides from the roots to the tip (upwards)! Just blow dry upwards and the volume you get from it is really good.

    I like how it is because you don’t even seem to need to use a wax/gel after applying this, although you can. It really just feels like beach hair with a fragrance. If your hair is thin and flat like mine, your worrying days are over!

  20. Dewei

    Very good Spray. Gives my hair more volume and easier to style. Great hold but does not make your hair looks unnatural or too hard for a restyle. I was also amazed by how easy it is to wash it away. Thumbs up!!

  21. Hong Quan

    First time trying and I would say it is really amazing. I did not encounter any dryness that some was saying. After blow dry my hair, i finally had the volume I always wanted. It gives a very nice fruity smell when spray onto the hair. Easy to apply and it really creates great volume especially for those who are going for the backcomb hairstyle. Helps me alot in styling my hair and i really recommend all to get this product if you want to create volume! After styling with wax, finish it with their pp spray and you can have your hair last for the day.

  22. Eason

    Os seasalt spray is a must for volumized hair. It gives your hair out of bed look yet looks natural and volumized. When you spray it on your hair, it was abit sticky. But once the os spray dry up, just run your finger over your hair and tease it alittle. you get alot of volume. However, 3-5 spray including top side and back plus front (whole head) is recommended. Try not to spray too much as too much will make your hair too dry and fluffy and it will be difficult to wash off at the end of the day. Used it with hair clay after creating volume and lastly freeze the style with PP hair spray. Thanks JH for the awesome products.

  23. Wen Bin

    Been using this product for almost a week. Must say that it’s way better than my previous sea salt spray!
    Styling became easier and the volume is WOW !
    Happy customer 😀

  24. theprettyjerk

    “restock my powerpoint spray and os sss from TPJ 2days back. i dont think there is much more for me to say about this 2 product because, ITS ALREADY MY 4TH TIME PURCHASING IT!

    however this time round, i added in vantachi! had the chance to use it yestarday and the smell is really incredible, really pleasant. i could style my hair easily with vantachi and with pp spray, the hold is pretty good.”

    First posted by and credits to “Collectible” on 18th May 2014 [Post #4582]

  25. Melissa

    Finally got to try this! Amazing lift. I finally managed a decent quiff on my flat straight chinese hair. And you don’t have to use much. 2-3 sprays was enough for my 1-2 inch hair. I spray it onto my hand and work it into my damp hair for an even distribution. Then blow dry, wax and hairspray.

    Also, Jun Hong is a very friendly and efficient dealer! Texts me personally with updates regarding my transaction. And provides samples in little containers with helpful product descriptions. Received my items in 3-4 working days. Will shop again in the future, thanks.

  26. theprettyjerk

    “JH bro

    sorry for posting this review late, was busy with exams

    Vogne shampoo n conditioner: the smell is very nice, able to moisturize the hair very well as compared to previous shampoos used. able to wash styling products on hair after a long day.

    sea salt spray able to provide volume to the hair along with the help of hairdryer, useful for people with flat hair without any volume. combination of vantachi clay and gold digger for styling of hair, the clay smells very nice and is able to combine well with gd as compared to quicksand + gd combo. finish off with ppspray and do not need to worry about hair falli