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Strength: 5 (High) | Shine: 2 (Low-Medium) | Washability: 5 (High)

Selling points:

  1. Extreme control, lightweight hairspray designed for styles that need fixing power without added weight
  2. Botanical hairspray that uses plant-based ingredients and multi-vitamins, to help ensure a healthy scalp (suitable for people with sensitive scalp)
  3. Able to create and maintain long lasting styles, without leaving white residuals or clumpy hair
  4. Provides sheen for hair to look healthy and full-bodied; Particularly useful for dull-looking hair (e.g. dry, damaged hair)
  5. Accompanied with a light pleasant smell (botanical)
  6. Good for all hair lengths

Something you should also know:

  1. Finishing hairspray are generally aerosol-based, which means that it’s impossible for a hairspray to be organic. However, it is not impossible for a hairspray to contain healthier ingredients (i.e. Taring Botanical Hairspray)
  2. Comes with a very strong nozzle to deliver good distribution and power
  3. Spray evenly onto hair from a distance (approximately 20-30cm). Style as desired.
  4. How long can this last (daily usage): 3 to 4 months
  5. Scale (to measure the various aspects) is from 1 to 5, where 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest

What TPJ got to say:  Recommended for people who are looking for an extreme control hairspray, yet emphasizing on a need for healthier scalp.