It is increasingly common to see hair salons providing scalp treatment but the true question is: Is it really necessary?

In this review, I will share my own experience with scalp treatment at EX Style Salon @ Tiong Bahru. Like many others, I used to be a non-believer in scalp treatment that hair salons have to offer. Simply because I find them to be gimmicky and perhaps to me, a form of marketing technique that hair salons are using. Furthermore, if i’m already on a decent hair care regime that uses shampoos and even hair tonic, why do I need scalp treatment? Similar thoughts may be running through your mind at this point, but short answer is scalp treatment is still required.
WHY? Continue reading and more will be explained in details in later sections.

At this point – Please note that this is not an advertorial and in no way am I affiliated to the hair salon that is mentioned in this review.
The below is of my personal opinion and for the whole purpose of sharing information with the community.


Often, I receive comments that my hair is thick and healthy (including hair stylists). Indeed, I have always considered myself fortunate to have little to no issues with hair loss. Essentially, hair is one of the main components for our self confidence and beauty which unsurprisingly, is no exception for guys either. I am particularly concerned with taking care of my scalp and hair. Below are some of the existing measures that I am taking , based on my lifestyle.

  • Using hair tonic (from Watsons) occasionally (once per month or lesser) to unclog any clogged hair pores in the scalp
  • Using deep cleansing shampoo approx 3-4 times per week (because I work my hair quite a bit, so deep cleansing is important)
  • Using daily moisturizing shampoo on other days (to provide moisture for my normal hair)
  • Using hair conditioner minimally (perhaps once every 6 months, to replenish proteins for my hair)

Here’s a picture of how it’s like.

With Indians Dry Shaper Clay

Until here, some of you may realize that “Hey we are doing similar things!” and probably believe that you’re not facing any drastic concerns with hair loss issues. Yes, everything looks fine on the surface, but is it really so? If you’re not doing any of the above, should you start to worry? Unfortunately, you should be.

Hard Truth: Even if you’re not a guy, please remember that EVERYONE is vulnerable to hair loss issues and please act before it’s too late.

As a seller and owner of TPJ, you can imagine how much my hair means to me. To a certain extent, it seems to be even harder for me to part with my money to purchase treatment services with hair salons (given the controversy of these treatment services). But hell, I decided to bite the bullet and go for scalp treatment with EX Style Salon (where my usual stylist is at) after much hesitation.


One word – SURPRISED. Through the scalp analysis, the results turned out to be much better than I expected. In this section, I will share the pictures of my scalp analysis for easier illustration.

Image 1 Before (Temple)

In the above picture, you can see that there is a thin and translucent layer. Apparently, this white filmy layer (which looks thin and translucent) is the dead skin. Dead skin on scalp clogs the hair pores and block the growth of healthy hair. Unfortunately, as far as shampoos are concerned, it is not fully capable of removing all the dead skin on our scalp. For myself, there were a few areas where the concentration of dead skin was noticeably higher (especially on my crown, near the hair whorl). So, I specifically captured pictures of this area & the side to compare if the results are good.

Image 2 Before (Hair Whorl)Image 2 After (Hair Whorl)

[Mouse over the image to see BEFORE and AFTER] The above images show the scalp analysis for the area near my hair whorl (an area which I discovered that I tend to overlook during cleansing). Based on the AFTER image of going through the scalp treatment, it is apparent that the scalp is now indeed much cleaner (rid of dead skin). Although there are still areas with white filmy layer (after my first scalp treatment), it is undoubtedly that the white filmy layers are no longer that apparent. This is encouraging, as this clearly depicts an improvement from the picture (BEFORE image)!

Image 1 Before (Temple)Image 1 After (Temple)

[Mouse over the image to see BEFORE and AFTER] Next, the above shows the hair near my temple whereby it is notoriously known to be a receding area, as early symptoms of hair loss in men It is hence not unusual that many guys are particularly concerned with the temple area (including myself), as receding hairline acting as an intimidating first sign. Here, you can clearly see that the scalp is now much cleaner as compared to before, with the removal of dead skin on the scalp.

Image 1 After (Temple) w baby hair

Ref to the areas boxed up in the scalp analysis (temple), it shows that there are some baby hair growing out from my hair pore. In contrast, it is evident that these strands are thin as compared to other strands which are much thicker. By nature, the thicker strand represents the original thickness of my hair. In other words, it means that my hair will only become thinner and thinner if I do not take remediation actions! On hindsight, I am glad to witness these via the scalp analysis. At least, I am able to take some actions to pre-empt it from worsening. And I believe with time, this scalp treatment will work to achieve its objective by removing the dead skin in totality, to allow thicker hair to grow out of my hair pores!

In case you’re not aware – Our genes affect the width of the hair pore. For instance, each hair pore for Asian Chinese allows 3-5 strands of hair to grow out and for Asian Indian, each hair pore is able to accommodate 4-6 stands of hair.

Presently, my lifestyle requires me to test many different kinds of hair products (yes, I test all my products personally before bringing them in) and inevitably, I have to exert a degree of workload onto my hair.

  • In theory, hair grooming products will not damage the scalp if you apply with the right techniques
  • In reality, it is practically impossible for you to avoid touching the scalp (i mean 100%) if you’re using hair styling products daily.

Putting things into perspective, there is no need for us to adopt either extremes, but to achieve the right balance. Hence, the concessionary measure in this instance will be to ensure that the scalp is kept thoroughly clean and healthy with the use of scalp treatment.

In the next section, I will talk briefly on how does the treatment remove the dead skin.


According to EX Style, the name of this scalp treatment is Fire Iceberg – Hino Kori. As much as the name is unusual, it tells you everything about what’s done. The objective of Fire Iceberg – Hino Kori is to cleanse the scalp (as scalp treatment) and not for the purpose of corrective hair growth.
Also, it is not a ready-made treatment that can be bought off-the-shelf. In fact, it’s tailored to every different individual concocted in different proportions by the scalp specialist themselves.

In my case, scalp therapist is Iris. 🙂

  • Step 1: “Fire” Treatment applied onto the scalp to “melt” the dead skin on scalp (removes the dead skin from scalp)
  • Step 2: Massaging of the treatment on the scalp and hair (feeling of warm/burning sensation on scalp)
  • Step 3: Washing off of the treatment (1st wash-off)
  • Step 4: “Iceberg” Treatment applied onto the scalp to “balance” the scalp
  • Step 5: Deploy hair steamer to accelerate the absorption of treatment
  • Step 6: Washing off of the treatment (feeling of icy/chilly sensation on scalp and also, to close the hair pores)

The whole process takes about 45 mins to 1 hour, and I must say that the hot/cold sensation on the scalp is kind of interesting as these effects gave me an impression of my scalp being “worked” on. Even though the salon did not reveal the full ingredients used in their concoction, some of the main ingredients they shared are Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Rose Essence.


In fact, EVERYONE! Although EX Style Salon proclaims that this treatment is most suitable for people with clogged pores due to styling products (workload on the hair) and stress. That being said, everyone needs a form of preventive treatment against hair loss. Like they said, prevention is better than cure and I personally don’t advocate going for corrective treatments at salons as the effectiveness is somewhat limited due to the many different factors involved.


Hell, you might be thinking if this means that you should be doing scalp treatment every month. It depends, really.
Personally, I won’t have the budget and the time to do this every month. Probably, I will do it once every 3 months or 6 months, depending on how it goes. Also, I am a strong believer in finding the right suite of products to achieve optimal benefits (i.e. complementary products). For instance, there are complementary products to enhance the efficacy – anti hair loss treatment shampoo, deep cleansing cleansing, hair tonic etc.

At the end of the day, what matters more is always back to the word – Consistency.

Below are the takeaways of doing the Fire IceBerg-Hino Kori:

  1. It provides me the assurance that I have been doing a good job (e.g. right type of shampoo), in keeping the scalp clean and healthy (not much excess sebum and oils, which may be more severe) but there can be areas of improvement
  2. The scalp analysis enlightens me the areas that I tend to overlook / I should focus, while massaging my scalp during shampoo-ing
  3. Using the right technique of shampoo-ing my hair (i.e. to lather on hands first before massaging the scalp/hair, and not apply directly on the scalp/hair)
  4. I can see significant improvement in my scalp condition after doing the scalp treatment (after just 1 session!). But to achieve long-term results, consistency is the key.

Complementary Products

There are some products from TPJ that will complement the results of scalp treatment. If you’re still not convinced that you should be investing in this scalp treatment, probably it’s good to start on the below as a start. It will only do more good to start treating your scalp better (if you treasure your hair).

  • Tai Hair Tea Tree shampoo: The presence of tea Tree Oil helps to remove dead skin on scalp as well as to get rid of scalp fungi and bacteria (promotes hair growth). This is important for me, as I will be able to improve on shamppoo-ing the areas that I used to neglect
  • Nutri-Ox Hair Loss Prevention shampoo: Using active ingredients, such as gingko nut and ginseng, it helps to keep the scalp clean and healthy